Our Strategy

Our Investment Approach & Strategy

Our approach is to acquire apartment buildings, often in need of substantial renovations and management restructuring, within targeted high growth submarkets of Dallas.

Our aggressive asset repositioning approach results in growing net operating income by increasing cashflow and minimizing expenses. Our teams expansive experience in asset management, property management, and construction has allowed us to successfully reposition even the most challenging of assets. We execute an effective plan of action immediately following the acquisition. With our analytical approach, we are confident that our assets will be well positioned – resulting in real estate value creation.

With every new purchase, we create a cautious, but agile strategy for our asset from acquisition to exit.

Development & Value Creation

Our stabilized portfolio continues to outperform other assets within the same submarkets and asset class. Buildings in our portfolio commonly become the new benchmark for other operators within each asset class. Our communities offer the best living accommodations and value available within each asset class and rental range, resulting in a very low vacancy rate.

Through our strong network and relationships with property owners, lenders and real estate brokers, we continue to capitalize on great opportunities. We target opportunities in specific submarkets with supply-constrained housing and within proximity to noteworthy new large developments.


We acquire Multi-Family apartment communities in targeted high growth submarkets of Dallas. These buildings are typically in need of heavy renovations and management repositioning. Our proven analytical process gives us a direct path to value creation.